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Rival Innovation Surface Engineering (RISE)

RISE was born out of solving some of the toughest challenges in thermal spray…. how do you protect surfaces during thermal processing and increase throughput and profitability?

Time in a spray booth is expensive with mistakes in processing leading to wasted material and a cut straight out of the bottom line. The innovators at RISE had a challenge set before them by the US Military….. How do you increase throughput in HVOF spray booths and maintain strict quality standards with tight tolerances?

The answer was Thurmosil

Masking solutions for HVOF have come in one size fits all for decades….Hard Masking or Tape. Nothing else has sufficiently protected against the harsh environment of HVOF. As an expert in the field you are well aware of the challenges associated with hard masking and tape. Excessive time, low quality, short life and high cost.

Hard masking and tape represent everything that Thurmosil is not. Standard hand masking methods require meticulously attention to mask placement in order to protect against overspray. If a manual masking job is botched, it leads to rework. Rework is not a profit center.

Engineering efforts to support HVOF and Plasma masking solutions were made at DoD thermal spray facilities to address their problems. The engineers of RISE were challenged to come up with a cost-effective REUSABLE masking solution that would save time and eliminate costly mistakes in the HVOF spray department.

Our Advantage

With Thurmosil you will start making more money immediately!

Thurmosil can be applied and removed in seconds, reducing labor from hours to minutes. It is very common that the time a part spends in the spray booth is low in comparison to the time it takes to mask it. Thurmosil allows you to move more parts through the spray system increasing your capacity, reducing total process time and increasing profits.

Thurmosil is a multi-use, abrasion resistant, heat tolerant, elastomeric product. Thurmosil is available in a variety of forms:

Thurmosil Blanket

1/8in thickness and be cut to specified length and width up to 72in

Thurmosil Die Cut

multiple thickness up to 1/8in can be supplied with adhesive or w/o

Thurmosil Bendable Mask

1/8in thickness with steel wire inserted. Sold in 18×18 inch sheets or can be cut to specified length and width

Thurmosil Molded Mask

varying thickness designed specifically to your part. Different masks can be sold in kits containing multiple masks for a specific part.
It is the only REUSABLE military grade HVOF masking solution that is tested, approved and in use at multiple military and commercial installations around the world.