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Thermal Spraying products

Thermal spraying is a widely used method for adding wear or heat resistance, low friction or other desired properties and performance qualities for engineered surfaces.

Oseir's SprayWatch product family is the solution for quality assurance and diagnostics needs of thermal spray industry. It combines the measurement of the most important spray parameters into a single, inexpensive and robust system that is easy to adapt and use.

SprayWatch systems are very portable and easy to use. Since 1999 Oseir has delivered several hundred systems with excellent reliability record to satisfied users around the world to be used not only in research and development but also in daily quality control of the spray processes.

HiWatch diode laser based stroboscopes are powerful and affordable tools for imaging and measuring small, high-speed targets in industrial and research applications, process development and production quality control. They can offer an affordable replacement for expensive high-speed cameras used in several very different kinds of applications. The OsiRec software used to analyze the images from HiWatch camera-laser combinations can be adjusted for a wide range of applications.

Applications include:

  • high-velocity spray processes
  • shot peening diagnostics and monitoring
  • pharmaceutical spray or granulation processes
  • in situ imaging of particles, droplets, filaments and clusters
  • visualization of impact, breakup, explosion or deformation events