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Formalloy LLC

Formalloy's LMD Cladding technology is used to create wear and corrosion-resistant coatings that are 100% dense and metallurgically bonded to the substrate. The LMD cladding process inputs minimal heat to the part compared with PTA, TIG and MIG weld processes. LMD provides very low dilution between the coating and substrate and allows for fine deposit microstructures, precise control of the coating thickness and reduced distortion into the base part. For wear resistance, a variety of nickel, cobalt, and carbide-based powders can be used.

Formalloy's additive manufacturing technology utilizes Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) to create metallic parts to near-net shape, increasing the design envelope while providing a more economical solution than producing the same part with conventional methods. Formalloy's additive manufacturing systems enable reduced machining time and nearly eliminate material waste, particularly with high-value materials such as titanium and Inconel. 3D printing parts with Formalloy's process can provide design features that can’t be achieved with conventional manufacturing methods, such as internal cooling channels and gradient material or multi-metal parts.

Unlike powder-bed technologies such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), Formalloy's LMD process deposits metal with a coaxially aligned laser/powder nozzle. Our process typically achieves much faster build times, superior material properties and a much larger build envelope compared with powder-bed technologies. 

Formalloy’s LMD process can produce parts with dimensions from less than 1 mm to greater than 1 meter with bead widths from 250 micron and up.